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Capital Pride is proud to support Undetectable equals Untransmittable Campaign and add our name to the U=U Consensus Statement.

U=U was launched in early 2016 by a group of people living with HIV who created the groundbreaking Consensus Statement with global experts to clear up confusion about the science of U=U. Today, over 650 community partners from 82 countries have signed onto the statement and are uniting to clarify and disseminate the revolutionary but largely unknown fact that people living with HIV on effective treatment do not sexually transmit HIV.

A groundswell of research confirms that when a person living with HIV is on effective treatment, it will reduce the level of HIV to “undetectable” levels which protects their health and makes them incapable of transmitting HIV to their sexual partners, or what we call “Undetectable = Untransmittable: U=U”.  As a prevention strategy, this is often referred to as Treatment as Prevention.

During Pride we’ll be working with the AIDS Committee of Ottawa to build awareness about the U=U Campaign. Read the Consensus Statement here:


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