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Capital Pride joins with other organizations across the country to recognize and celebrate human rights activist Fae Johnstone. Fae is the Executive Director of Wisdom2Action and a powerful advocate for trans liberation and 2SLGBTQ+ communities. Fae has a long history of involvement in the National Capital Region, where she helped to promote the rights and well-being of trans and non-binary people through workshops, keynote speeches, op-eds, and community events. Our region simply wouldn’t be the same without Fae’s courageous leadership and tireless advocacy.

In recognition of her achievements, Fae has been featured in a new International Women’s Day campaign by Hershey Canada – Her for She. The campaign highlights Fae’s work and that of other women who are helping to build a better  future. You can learn more about the four other women featured in the campaign here.

This honour has been met with a repulsive campaign of hate against Fae and calls to boycott Hershey. Such acts are the latest in a long-running crusade of transphobia that seeks to silence trans and gender-diverse activists and punish organizations that uplift their work. Capital Pride condemns these transphobic bullies and the organizations who amplify their gross conduct.

Let us all be inspired by Fae Johnstone’s accomplishments and recommit ourselves to creating a world where everyone can live as their honest and authentic selves.

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