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Ottawa community members are the ongoing targets of hate speech, hate crimes, and harassment from participants in the downtown Ottawa convoy. As disruptions continue throughout downtown Ottawa, there continues to be reports of community members being the target of hate speech, hate crimes and harassment. 

Ottawa’s Centretown has a long and proud history of being a home for LGBTQ activism and community. Today, residents are afraid to leave their homes, and have been subject to intimidation and harassment for displaying the pride flag in their homes and in their neighbourhoods. When residents do walk their streets, they are faced with homophobic and transphobic slurs and signs. Even online, Ottawans have been the target of harassment. These troubling events occurred alongside widely reported incidents of harassment, racism, anti-Semitisim and other troubling and violent conduct.

As a consequence of the ongoing disruptions, front-line community organizations — including health services — have had to limit services or suspend operations. We recognize this has a profound impact on 2SLGBTQ+ people as well as all residents and community members.

Demonstrations that allow such hateful conduct to go unchecked have no place in our city. 

There is nothing peaceful about homophobia and transphobia, racism, xenophobia, or anti-Semitism. There is nothing peaceful about the forced closure of front-line health centres and community services. There is nothing peaceful about schools, vaccination clinics and city services having to close. There is nothing peaceful about the emotional and psychological impact of being harassed in your own community.

Those who live, work and learn downtown deserve to feel safe and supported in their own community. Individuals should have access to health care services and front-line community services. Families should have access to childcare and schools.

It is time to restore peace in our City.

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