My name is Frank! Pronouns: he/him/his.

I am a member of the Capital Pride Youth Committee (CPYC) for the 2018 Capital Pride.

During my volunteering last year, I noticed that many of my friends had never been to Pride despite living in Ottawa their whole lives. So I joined this committee to change that. I want to, with the help of other CPYC members, increase the number of youth that are interested in Capital Pride. Whether that is volunteers or participants.
Understanding and being accommodating and respectful of other cultures is perhaps my biggest strength. Due to being an international student for most of my life and having lived in 5 different countries and 3 different continents, I am quite multicultural myself. Multiculturalism is an important asset of mine as it will be used to help make Pride more inclusive for people of different cultures.

Also, I study biochemistry and chemical engineering, which I think is very fun.

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