Queer, Trans, Black and Proud

This February, Capital Pride is proud to present Queer, Trans, Black and Proud a month of programming that celebrates and honours the Queer and Trans Black community. The programming is being organized in recognition of Black History Month. 

Our Voices: Black representation in the media

• Kimora Amour from Canada’s Drag Race Season 2
• Shanese Anne Steele, Writer and Educator

Moderated by:
• Osmel B. Guerra Maynes, Director, Organizational Development, Community & Culture at HQ Toronto

Our Voices: Kim Katrin

A keynote discussion with Kim Katrin on Black Queer and Trans Liberation. The discussion follows the importance of personal and professional growth and development as a Black member of the 2SLGBTQ+ community while also touching on strategies to sustain ally relationships. A discussion of empowerment and encouragement for our attendees.

Queer Black Excellence Showcase

We’re pleased to share our Night of Queer Black Excellence, which took place Friday, February 18. The evening features performances by Canada’s Drag Race finalist Kendall Gender, Blk Prl, Aimee Yonce Shennel, Barbada, Manny Dingo and Makhena Rankin-Guerin.

No upcoming events scheduled 😢 Check back soon!