SUNDAY, AUG. 29, 2021


How will this work?

This year, with COVID-19, we are creating an opportunity for you, your business, your non-profit, your friends, or your family to march in the Capital Pride’s Virtual Pride Parade. By submitting a video (link to public dropbox folder at bottom), you’ll be included as one of our marchers and aired as a special livestream broadcast on Sunday, August 29 at 2pm.

When is my video due?

All videos must be submitted by Friday, August 13 at 11:59pm. Videos received after that date will be charged a late fee.

How do I participate?

To participate, it’s simple: gather your family and  friends (socially distanced and masked if you don’t live together) and record a video of you having the time of your lives: talking, protesting, sharing an important message, laughing, showing off your talents, joking, dancing – however you express your Pride! Feel free to decorate your car, a wagon, a wheelbarrow, or even a lawn mower to act as your “virtual” parade float!

How long should my video be?

Video for an individual or group of friends can be anywhere between 30 – 90 seconds.

Your video for a business, non-profit, or organization can range from 30 – 120 seconds.

What can I do in my video?

Clearly identify your organization — if you are submitting on behalf of an organization — by clearly displaying your logo on t-shirts, banners, or signage. If we can’t clearly see that your submission is representative of an organization’s submission, then we may not accurately describe it or feature it in our broadcast.

Whether you’re making a virtual float out of your car, a wagon, a riding lawnmower, a wheelbarrow, a box, or other device, make it colorful and fun!

Talk about important issues or use signage to show off what matters to you! Big bold signs with strong lettering can help you make your Pride known.

Be creative. Use your time to make something uniquely you! Only you can share your Pride.

And don’t forget to decorate yourself! Wear your Pride gear! Dance, smile, laugh, chant, wave Pride flags, and have a fun time!

Will my video be good enough?

Absolutely. We aren’t looking for high cost production value – we want to see you. Your smile, your heart, your team. Don’t stress if you feel like your video isn’t perfect! Share your Pride to the World!

What can’t I do in my video?

  • Don’t use any music.

Does not apply to entirely live performances (bands, marching bands, choirs, choruses, etc.) If you are an entertainer and want to perform, your participation might be better suited to the festival livestream and are encouraged to instead fill out our local entertainer interest form here.

Use or display in any form any profanity, slurs, prejudiced or oppressive language or action, or other words and actions inappropriate for a general audience. This includes racist, homophobic, ableist, transphobic, sexist, culturally appropriative, or other targeted harassment or actions.

  • Don’t display, or engage in any act which is illegal.

Show, display, or engage in any consumption of any alcoholic beverage, tobacco (including cigarettes, cigars, pipes, smokeless tobacco, e-cigarettes or other forms of tobacco), marijuana, or other controlled substance or substance legally or generally considered to be for adult consumption only, including any simulated acts of consumption as well as the placement or visible appearance of any of these products, promotional items related to these products, or any related paraphernalia.

  • Don’t display any form of nudity. 

In this case, we are defining nudity very broadly. All persons appearing in your video must be wearing clothing items which fully cover their waist, groin area, chest, and buttocks. Pubic hair must not be visible. Clothing cannot be a mesh material or be so tight or be modified in any way as to cause the clear and graphic view of any underlying genitals. These rules apply regardless of gender; for example, regardless of gender, all persons must cover their chest and no person can appear entirely shirtless in your video.

  • Don’t display, or engage in any form of sexual activity, including simulated acts of sexual activity. 

This includes any motion which could be construed by a reasonable person as displaying or simulating sexual activity. This also includes clothing or other items showing or displaying sexual activity or other sexual content. This rule does not include hugging, kissing or other routine physical intimacy, unless sexually gratuitous and inappropriate for a general audience.

  • Don’t display, or engage in any form of violence, including simulated acts of violence.
  • Don’t show or display any trademarks or copyrighted materials which you or your organization do not have the right to use.

Capital Pride reserves the right to make the sole and final determination on what constitutes violations of these guidelines and, therefore, which videos will and will not be aired during the virtual parade.

Submission of your video does not guarantee acceptance of the files due to technical errors or due to any final determinations to reject your video for participation in our virtual event.

How do I record my video?

We encourage you to keep it simple — use your smartphone to record your video. Hold your phone horizontally. Do not hold your phone vertically.

Other Video Submission Notes:

  • Capital Pride reserves the right to edit your video at its sole discretion.
  • By submitting your video to Capital Pride, your video becomes property of Capital Pride and you relinquish all rights to your video and to its contents.
  • Please be aware that your video will be broadcast publicly. 
  • You should not have any expectation of privacy. 
  • Any person, place, or thing appearing in your video will be viewed by the public. Accordingly, if you are closeted or do not wish to be visible to the public, you should not submit a video in which you appear. 
  • You should take care from filming any identifying information like vehicle license plates or home addresses.

How do I submit my video?

You must upload your video using our public submission folder linked here and, in the button, below.