As Ms./Mr./Mx. Capital Pride I will be expected to assist with the planning for the Pageant the following year as a promoter and prepare a step down number.

In addition to the above mentioned benchmark, I agree to hold the title of Ms./Mr./Mx. Capital Pride, the Capital Pride Organization, and all partners in the highest esteem. While representing the title, Capital Pride Pageant titleholders must agree to the following while representing their title:

  • Titleholders will present themselves professionally at all times while representing the title and while wearing the Capital Pride Sashes and Crowns (both onstage and off-stage).
  • Titleholders may be requested to attend and/or participate in a variety of community events and to make regular appearances in support of Capital Pride and other Community Organizations.
  • Titleholders may not compete consecutive years and must wait until someone else has held the title for a full year to be eligible to enter again.